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    Founder & CEO of


    Founder of AIBB | Entrepreneur | LeanSquare Venture Partner | Board Member | Professor on Innovation & Entrepreneurship | Startup Coach | Kauffman Fellow


    Director of Operations

    co-Founder of BeCentral Digital Hub | Caro-Lean Consulting | Product Management & Digital Marketing Expert


    co-Founder & Head of Applied AI at xBrain

    NASA FDL · TEDx, Stanford, Berkeley & MIT AI speaker · AI for Humanity


    AI & Robotics Faculty at Singularity University

    Engineer · Educator · Tech Philosopher

    AIBB Trainer

    Professor in AI & Deep Learning at ULiège

    AIBB Trainer

    Founder & Data Scientist at Deeper Analytics

    AIBB Trainer

    Teaching Applied Artificial Intelligence

    Entrepreneur | Lead Instructor at Machine Learning Academy and OpenClassrooms

    AIBB Trainer

    co-Founder & CEO of Sagacify

    Entrepreneur | Lecturer in machine learning at UCL and UNamur

    AIBB Case Lead

    co-Founder of Jetpack.ai​

    Entrepreneur | Lecturer in data science at UCL

    AIBB Trainer


    Entrepreneur | Lecturer a t Solvay Busi nness School